yan kings bio

Yan moved to Italy from the U.K. where his passion for music and the arts continued and as a result, he found the ideal grounds to improve his talents and perfect his skills. Shortly after his relocation, he began working as a back up vocalist and break dancer for several artists, giving him the opportunity to travel across Europe and perform on many stages at a young age. In 1998 with his first band “fortune” their explosive debut single was released in France, Germany and Italy. This was his first of a series of musical production collaborations he would take part in with countless bands in the future while improving his Dj skills from the age of 16..

Thanks to his natural flair for television, he soon moved on to glamorous E! Entertainment Europe. This gave him the opportunity to travel the world  interviewing the superstars on red carpets and hosting exclusive parties where he brought his unique personal touch as a DJ.

Since the beginning of his musical career Yan has been playing as a Dj in the best clubs around Italy and across the border, getting to play in the most glamorous events in the fashion world thanks to the unique sound of his dj sets.  He has been the resident DJ and artistic advisor for Friday night  in the ARMANI club in Milan, a fashion night considered the best and most exclusive venue in Italy. Several other clubs are Yan’s usual spot , Just Cavalli, Eleven, De Sade, Hollywood, and clubs around the world, Milan, Abu Dhabi, Santo Domingo, Istanbul, etc..

In the last years Yan has gone back to production with two main projects STRAY KINGS  and PAID n' LAID , the first with English singer SAM WOOD the second with fellow Dj ALEX GUESTA, several songs have been released so far and in october 2012 both projects are coming out with a new single track! Both acts could be considered a double Dj set but it wouldn’t be fair, the live shows are a dynamic event going from Djing to singing etc.. For sure, not the classic  “static”  DJ set,

Giving a show with Djing, singing, live electro drums etc..

What makes YAN KINGS alone as a solo performer or with his two “groups” extremely  different behind the decks is the energy, coming from a performing background the set is never the same, it's not just the usual Dj with headphones in a booth..,it’s a show.